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In response to the new rule in effect of No Watering for personal lawns Live to Love SB in association with Teen Sports Radio is proud to be in partnership with Something's Good Organics.

As we celebrate our new year we are embracing change, including not being able to water our personal patches of green grass, TeenSportsRadio is launching a campaign for neighborhoods to Grow Food Not Grass. Switching to drip irrigation and low water edible landscapes is the TSR Team-2017 thing to do!!!

We are co-creating with Carolyn Givens of Something’s Good Organic farms to educate and encourage our community to grow food (not grass). To support this campaign of re-planting lawns, Givens Farms will donate subscriptions to a CSA veggie box.

Please email your before and after pictures to claim your 4-weeks subscription. We’ll celebrate your efforts at improving our community and pass on your info to Carolyn. Please spread the word. You are all voices in our community.

I am inspired to do this personally, because since being gifted a CSA subscription, (Community-Supported Agriculturer) for my 55th birthday this last September, I have already dropped 22 lbs. Thank you Something’s Good Organic farmers!

As soon as the rains dry out – I’ll be sharing pictures of my new herbal drip irrigation front yard. 

If you need help, contact Master Gardener Call 805-893-3485 or email. Please allow 3-4 business days for a response as the Master Gardener helpline is staffed by volunteers. 

To get your name mentioned on the Teen Sports Radio Show, all I ask is that you take a before & after picture of your front lawn that has been re-planted with low-water use edible landscape and send it to me. I will intern, contact you back right away.

If you would like to get more involved and support this and other "Live To Love SB" projects, be mentioned on the show and get your brand and tag line placed underneath the "Live To Love SB" Logo all of which would be added to this page and duly noted, send me an email to let us know the details, thank-you.

Erica Salda


Erica L. Salda, CSA, CAS, Host, President/Founder, 
E PRO Insurance Agency, LLC
, a graduate of Westmont College, with a degree in Economics, has been insuring and creating annuities for clients since 1983. She has helped over 6,000 clients to achieve their financial goals. While focusing her business on the needs of seniors, she has many multi-generational clients, sometimes working with as many as four generations of the same family. 
Throughout her adult life, Erica has been involved in youth projects, and has coached multiple sports from ages KK to 8th grade over the last 27 years.  Although she was Nominated for coach of the Year, Erica is most proud of her "Giving While Living"  Program which has raised thousands of dollars annuallly to our Local Santa Barbara Teen Athletes.

This dynamic lady along with help from other community leaders feature the youth of our community by promoting programs to serve as an outlet of healthful activity under responsible leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.