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Jan Pierson
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Young Readers

Orphaned and alone except for her beloved dog Gypsy, thirteen-year-old Jennica Teague boards the V&T in Reno, heading for the Nevada Children's Asylum in Virginia City. During a tunnel fire near Carson City, her dog disappears. Fearing the orphanage and in a desperate attempt to find Gypsy, Jennica cries out for help.

When author Jan Pierson found the picture of the unknown girl from the Bodie Museum, and a tombstone of an eleven year-old girl in the Bodie cemetery, "Anna" came to life. The words "Goodbye God, I'm going to Bodie," were actually found in a young girl's diary and have since become a legend.
The freaky ghost appears to live on the second floor of the old hotel in the ghost town of Nighthawk, and Meggie wouldn't be caught dead up there if her best friend didn't need her help. Paige is trapped in an abandoned well, and Meggie must make a rope from the ragged curtains hanging in the windows and rescue her.
The ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon wasn't supposed to be dangerous, but the howling going on in the old Shaniko School night after night tells Meggie and Paige otherwise. A ghost? They are terrified when threatening messages begin appearing on the chalk board in the school, warning them to leave.

What haunts this small, wild horse that has been sighted in the hills for over a hundred years? Twelve-year-old Paige, and her best friend, Meggie, are determined to find out, but a teenage drifter named Brooks involves them in an even more perilous web of high-stakes danger and intrigue.

Children's mystery writer, Jan Pierson aka Calamity Jan, raised three kids, authored five juvenile mysteries (The Carson Kids, Tyndale House Publishers, 1979-88) then went to college. After getting her BA in Psychology, Jan taught writing with The Institute of Children's Literature.

But a new adventure began to lure Calamity Jan away from the academics and back into the fray. Kicking up the dust and rubble in ghost towns of the western United States set the stage for her return to writing. When Jan walked into Bodie, a town once known as the wildest mining camp in California's history, she was hooked.

2013. Jan's latest escapade includes launching her two newest books; Calamity Jan and the Russian (a memoir) and Prohibition, Prostitution and Presbyterian Pews, (history). She is available for speaking to small and large groups. For more information, click here.

If Jan Pierson isn't poking around in some ghost town in the western United States, she's writing or speaking about the exciting history (and mystery) of the early West. It's been a wild and wonderful ride and Calamity Jan has only just begun. Let sleeping ghosts lie? Never.

The words "Goodbye God, I'm going to Bodie," penned in a young girl's diary, became a California legend and the title for the first book in her GHOSTOWNER mystery series for middle grade readers.

The Ghost of Nighthawk, Shadow of Shaniko, and The Haunted Horse of Gold Hill follow in the dust.

Available as a presenter, Calamity Jan will take educators back in time on a mining expedition where history blends with real-life mysteries, affording fertile ground for our journey toward new ideas and practical applications in the classrooms.

The goal is to both inspire and teach using the lessons learned from an overly imaginative child (me) who wasn't even capable of coloring inside the lines of the expectations placed upon her.

The sessions will help educators mine the often well-hidden treasures and abilities within the Calamity Jans and Joes in their classrooms.

Presentation Fees Negotiable

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