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European Sun
Full Body Waxing

6831 Hollister Ave.

Santa Barbara
2279 Las Positas

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European Sun
Goleta or Santa Barbara Locations


Visitor Information on the web:

Swallowed my pride to go get some tanning before I went to Vegas and I cant believe I was so tentative about it.  Lisa the new owner made me feel so comfortable because of her knowledge and joking demeanor that i felt completely comfortable as a guy going in there and I cant wait to go back.  She has really made this place a local hot spot (pun intended) in Goleta and you can tell by the way she treats her customers and the responses the place is getting.  Thanks Lisa!

Super Salon - new bulbs which are magnificent.  The staff is SO knowledgeable and helpful. Having recently finished an intense medication regimen,  they helped me to ease back in to sunshine and not ruin my skin.  When I take my 88 year old father with me, it is the highlight of his day as they make him feel like an old friend.  Highly recommend
this salon.

I flew in from Park City Friday for the long Memorial day weekend to be with my family.  I was feeling so unlike the "California Girl" I have been for my whole life.  My sister looked like she had been "kissed by the sun".  I just had to find out where she had been.  I on the other hand, looked like Snow White.

You MUST visit Lisa's European Sun in Goleta!!  It is AMAZING.  Lisa, (the owner) made me feel so very special.  I did  a "cocktail" in the stand up (great bulbs) and then the Mystic Spray Tan.  She gave me a band for my pony tail and extra nets as I wanted to protect my fair hair.  She could not have done anything more to make me feel more pampered.  I also had extra towels for the Mystic  so the bottom of my feet would not stain  The cleanliness, quality of service, products and ambience made me feel like a million bucks.  Thank you Euro Tan.  I will be back.  I highly recommend your business to anyone who wants a pleasant and joyful experience. Plus, I made a new friend!
Patricia Andrews,
Park City, Utah